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Interesting facts about the North Caucasus

The North Caucasus is the part of Russia that is literally filled with the cultural and historical heritage of the people living here. It is a land of harsh mountains, beautiful nature, clean air and free winds, but it is rich not only in natural beauty, but also in ancient traditions that live here. Well, with the site you can safely visit all the attractions of this beautiful region.

1. The North Caucasus began, little by little, to join Russia in the 16th century.

2. It is here that the highest point of Russia is located – Mount Elbrus.

3. More than fifty different peoples live in the territory of the North Caucasus.

4. About 1600 plant species grow only here, and nowhere else.

5. Scientists still can not solve the riddle of the longevity of the Caucasian highlanders. There are really a lot of old people who have already stepped over a century. Almost half of all the long-livers of the Earth live here. There are a lot of them in Nepal.

6. The national trait of all peoples of the North Caucasus is hospitality.

7. In these parts, meat is never minced with a meat grinder – it is chopped with knives. Locals believe that the only way it retains good taste.

8. The lands of the North Caucasus are rich in natural gas and oil.

9. Such a popular in all of Russia drink, like kefir, originates here.

10. The Caucasus Mountains are a real natural boundary between the temperate and subtropical climatic zones.

11. The double-headed Elbrus, the highest point of Russia and Europe, is located at the junction of the borders of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. The western peak of Elbrus rises above sea level by 5,642 meters, the eastern peak – by 5,621 meters. The tops are separated by a deep saddle. Elbrus is located a few kilometers north of the Main Caucasian Range and is connected to it by a ridge-bridge. Elbrus was once a volcano, but many thousands of years ago it went out and was covered with glaciers. Only mineral springs, some of which are thermal, and the release of sulphate and chloride gases in some places on the slopes of the eastern summit remind us that once Elbrus spewed lava. Elbrus is famous for its huge glaciers that feed the valley and mountain rivers. The glaciation area of ​​the mountain is 144 square kilometers. The largest rivers Kuban, Malka and Baksan are very important for hydropower agriculture of southern Russia. But the last hundred years, the glaciers invariably retreat.

12. For the first time, Elbrus was conquered on July 22, 1829 by Kabardin Kilar Khashirov, the conductor of the Russian military expedition under the leadership of General George Emanuel. The expedition included geologist Adolf Kupfer, physicist Aemili Lenz, zoologist Eduard Menetrieu, botanist Karl Meyer, artist and architect Joseph Bernardazzi, traveler Janosh Besse, guides and a group of Cossacks. Kupfer, Menetrie, Meyer, Bernardazzi turned back from the mark of 4270. Lenz, Cossack Lysenkov and Balkarian Ahiya Sottayev reached the height of 5300 meters. Then one went on Kilar Hashirov. When he reached the top, they gave a rifle salute. After the descent, he was presented with a hundred rubles and a cut on Circassian. Subsequently, two memorable cast-iron plates were installed in Pyatigorsk Park “Flower Garden”.

13. Pendulum and chairlifts lead to the “Barrel” orphanage, located at an altitude of 3,750 meters. At an altitude of 4100 meters – high-mountain hotel “Shelter 11”. Further on are the Pastukhov Rocks, the Ice Field (in winter) and the Slanting Regiment. Then the upward route goes through the saddle. From there to the top about 500 meters. Caucasus mountain landscape health resort

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