10 seats that are closed to the public
1. Lascaux Caves: a complex of caves, famous for rock paintings from the Paleolithic period, France. Lascaux Caves is a cave complex in the south-west of France that is famous…

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Dangerous tourist destinations
Most people, going on vacation, just want to relax. Knowing this, representatives of the tourist business vigorously offer the most luxurious resorts, simply competing with each other in safety, amenities…

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10 amazing places on Earth, about which almost no one knows
It seems that modern people have traveled all over the world and have visited its most distant corners. But the unique wonders of nature, as well as the architectural creations…

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Favorite beach world movie bohemia

North of France, Normandy. Here, in Deauville, on the banks of the Channel, one of the most famous beaches in the world is located – an amazing place, which even the beach was not always. In fact, both the beach and the town of Deauville were built … especially for bohemians and rich fat cats. And it was here that Coco Chanel initiated the fashion for tanning and swimming (!) On the beaches, the first swimsuits went from here, and indeed, the fashion for a beach holiday as such.Today Deauville is a cult destination for stars of world cinema and is famous for its “alley of stars” – an endless succession of private cabins on the beach, fenced off from each other by barriers, and each has the name of a star: Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise.

In addition to the personal cabins of the stars, the second symbol of the Deauville beach is these colorful umbrellas – they can be seen on numerous postcards, magnets and calendars from Deauville.

Once there was a poor fishing village, unremarkable and unknown to anyone. But that all changed in 1859, when by order of a distant relative of Napoleon Bonaparte, it was decided to build a mega-fashionable resort from scratch. So here the city itself appeared instead of a village, and a beach instead of a shallow clay coast, and these famous umbrellas.

The legendary wooden promenade Les Planshes. Just along it lies an endless series of nominal booths of art-deco-style movie stars, which have become the main attraction of Deauville.

The wooden pavement along the beach was originally made a very long time ago especially for the bourgeois ladies who could enjoy the view and the sea air without smearing the hem of their dress.

The fact is that 100 years ago no one could have imagined that one could lie almost naked on the beach, much less swim for all! In those days, sunbathing was taken to be fully clothed, slowly walking or sitting under umbrellas.

And it was here, on this beach, somewhere among these booths that the “beach revolution” occurred, which was accomplished by none other than Coco Chanel. With her friend Arthur Capel, she decided to break the established principles and, right in front of all, they began to swim on the beach and sunbathe! On their “heroic” heats of the newspaper wrote on the front pages.

The fashion for tanning and bathing began to spread at a tremendous rate, and the swimsuits that she designed and sold in her first boutique here, right next to Coco Chanel beach, flew faster than fried pies.

Since then, the quiet family resort has become a fashionable place where high society has gathered for gala dinners, festivals, horse racing and polo competitions.
Deauville experienced a second surge of attention in the middle of the last century thanks to the deafening world success of the film “Man and Woman” directed by Claude Lelouch, which was filmed in this town. Thanks to this film, Deauville became the capital of the now very popular festival of American cinema, where, unlike others, there is no competition for prizes, and directors and actors come here just to show their new works to each other and the audience.
By and large, the film booth simply came up with an excuse to come back to this wonderful place every September, and the stars could get the key out of their pockets and use their own booth.
Of course, “mere mortals” can also take advantage of some cabins, ready to pay their rent at the indicated rates.

September, the beach of the rich and movie stars. Rare vacationers take sunbathing. Many, like 100 years ago, do not bother themselves with swimsuits, sunbathing in clothes … True, the clothes have since changed to jeans and T-shirts.

Who is bored just to sunbathe, he can play polo or mini golf.

Everywhere on the beach you can see arches, fresh flowers and various amusing posters.

For those who do not like the sand in the shoes, everywhere boardwalks and, of course, a huge number of urns. On the beach itself you will not find absolutely no rubbish.

By the way, even despite the accuracy of visitors, every day, before dawn, the beach removes special equipment. The garbage truck as a vacuum cleaner collects all the garbage, separating it from the sand and leaving behind it a clean, flat surface.

Sifting sand at dawn. By the way, it is interesting that this beach was not sandy before. Here was the usual clay soil, which was usual for these places, which then turned out to be under water during.

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