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Dangerous tourist destinations

Most people, going on vacation, just want to relax. Knowing this, representatives of the tourist business vigorously offer the most luxurious resorts, simply competing with each other in safety, amenities and amusing rest. They are literally ready to feed tourists with a spoon and talk on their hands – just to lure as many guests as possible. And this strategy works very well.

But there are such stubborn people among the vacationers who do not want to be lulled on the shore of the gentle sea, do not want to admire the delicate landscapes, do not want to feast on the most delicious and healthy dishes and listen to heavenly songs. They want to throw themselves into the fire of natural disasters, military conflicts, hunger and unhygienic conditions from the fire of the hopeless office junk. Here are a few routes that can fully provide extreme. Well, tickets to these destinations on the plane are not very cheap for many tour operators, but still some operators sell tickets at very reasonable prices – cheap plane tickets here, I can say it with confidence.


Due to the abundance of the most interesting and ancient monuments, Libya could well be an ordinary country of tourist resorts, like Egypt or Turkey. Here are the ruins of the ancient cities of Sabrath, Leptis Magna and Cyrene, here you can see the perfectly preserved temple of Zeus. But the ongoing many years of military clashes and the struggle between nomadic tribes, which has intensified after the recent well-known events, make this country one of the most dangerous for tourists. Here you can die and from the heat, and from unsanitary conditions. A careless tourist can be shot as an “enemy”, or captured for the purpose of extorting a ransom, and having learned that he has nothing to pay, shoot him again. In addition, here you can and just get under crazy bullets, which today in the air of Libya more than enough.

Republic of Haiti

The Republic of Haiti is an amazing country. It is located in the western part of the island of Hispaniola (Haiti). The mountain range that passes through the island so influences the climate that all the best went to the neighbors – the Dominican Republic. Here is a paradise climate and thriving tourism. And the Republic of Haiti is a kind of “Isle of Bad Luck”: earthquakes, cholera, constant military conflicts, poverty. The consequences of the terrible January 2010 earthquake, when more than three hundred thousand people died overnight, are still being felt. Terrifying poverty pushes people to rob and plunder, and in any part of the country there is a great danger of contracting cholera, which has already killed about 5,000 people, and the number of infected has exceeded a quarter of a million.


This country has the longest coast among all the countries of Africa. Here are very beautiful mountains, very tasty and unusual folk cuisine. But the civil war that began in 1991 and continues to this day scares away even the most desperate tourists. About half a million people have already died in this war. A truly biblical famine is rampant in the country. Thus, at the beginning of the war, in just one year, almost 300 thousand people died.


Here is one of the most beautiful waterfalls – Angel, which, moreover, is also the highest in the world. Here you can admire the most beautiful wild orchids and amazing manatees in the world. But here are also transshipment points for drug dealers, who supply their famous cocaine to the USA day and night. Revenues from this business are immeasurably greater than those that tourism can provide, so tourists do not like it here at all. And if someone is killed, no one will look for criminals especially – Caracas (the capital of Venezuela) confidently holds the second place in the world in the number of unsolved murders.


In fact, tourists are invited here very persistently. Suffice it to say that in 2016 the Olympic Games will be held in the country. Today, tourists in Brazil, too, have something to do: every year there is a famous carnival and a lot of beautiful tropical beaches. Of course, Somalia or Libya – “this is not Rio de Janeiro, it is much worse.” But while choosing Rio de Janeiro for a holiday, one should not forget that “tea is not France in the street” and the level of very brutal crime is extremely high here. In a word, rest, rest, but “be careful, watch yourself.” Otherwise, at best, they will rob and kill, but I don’t even want to think about the worst option.


In this country there is a truly huge number of the oldest monuments of human history. It was here that such ancient and great civilizations as Akkad, Babylonia and Assyria were born, flourished and died. But today, after the Iraq war, the country is still in a state of utter ruin. She does not issue tourist visas, so Judas can only be entered illegally. Almost every day, reports of horrific terrorist attacks and kidnappings come from Iraq.


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