5 unexpected facts that we did not know about Japan
The Japanese steadfastly honor the traditions of their ancestors, but at the same time they never cease to amaze with their inventions in robotics. Today the country of the rising…

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Testo Ultra en Guadalajara Farmacias
Rest in the UAE: an overview of resorts and attractions
The United Arab Emirates is located on the eastern part of the Arabian coast. Here you can relax all year round, although the most popular is the period from October…

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Interesting facts about Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk is one of the largest Russian cities, and it is often called the “capital of Siberia”. The name is, of course, unofficial, but it fairly accurately captures the essence.…

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20 interesting facts about the Crimea and an unforgettable vacation on the peninsula

The Crimean Peninsula is a unique peninsula, in a small area of ​​which there are three natural and climatic zones at once: steppes, mountains, and the southern coast of Crimea. The Crimea is unique not only for its natural indicators, but for the entire existence of the peninsula a rather large amount of interesting facts have accumulated about the Crimea, which we will talk about.- The flora and fauna of the peninsula is unique, as the Crimea is on the peninsula and is highly isolated and in addition there are several climatic zones, which is why 240 plant species grow here, which are not found anywhere else on our planet ..

– The relief of the Crimea is also unique, because in such a small area (look at the map :)) there are 157 wonderful rivers and as many as 50 salt lakes. And the coastline is stretched for thousands of kilometers. There are also wonderful mountains here, the highest peak is Roman-Kosh. Its height is 1545 meters.

– Probably everyone already knows the fact that Crimea is the modern name of the peninsula (Turkic-Tatar), and some hundred years ago it was called Tauris. Which, as for me, is much more beautiful. And the Crimea was part of the Russian Empire as the Tauride province.

– You could not even imagine, but the Crimea has the longest trolleybus route on the planet. Trolleybus travels from Yalta and Simferopol. The length of the route is 86 kilometers.

– Unexpectedly, but another record belongs to the Crimea – on the shortest tram route – the 1.8 km branch is located in the Beregovoy pension. It is needed to deliver tourists to the sea.

– Crimea attracted people in the most ancient times. Thus, in the cave Kiik-Koba scientists archeologists found traces of Neanderthals

– Sevastopol on June 22, 1941 heroically accepted the first battle in the Great Patriotic War with Nazi Germany. They were met by the fire of ships and anti-aircraft batteries. One of the dropped sea mines fell on houses. The first destruction appeared, the first victims of the war (14 civilians died, 170 were injured), and the first enemy aircraft shot down. And the country was still asleep, not knowing that the most brutal and bloody war had begun.

– On the peninsula is the most megapowerful power plant on the planet with solar batteries – this is the statistical data of 2014. It was built by experts from Australia, and the power is 100 MW.

– Crimea is not the most peaceful region in terms of seismic activity. So, even in the 20th century, several earthquakes were recorded. One of which, from September 11 to September 12, 1927, was rather destructive. The people and infrastructure of the region have suffered.

– Who would know, but the popular Kino group was founded in the Crimea in the village of Morskoe. It happened back in 1981 already. In general, the Crimea was glorified and loved by many cultural and art workers — IK Aivazovsky, Chekhov, Voloshin, Green, Arkady Averchenko, Marina Tsvetaeva, Mitskevich, Zoshchenko, Bulgakov, and many others.- Europe’s largest astrophysical observatory is located in the Crimea, in the village of Scientific Bakhchsarai area. The first telescope was installed here in 1949 and since then more than 850 asteroids have been discovered here.

– The first motorist who paid a speeding ticket in Crimea was Geza Kovacs, a Hungarian engineer. It happened in 1901, Geza Kovach was the first autotourist in the Crimea.

“In autumn, a woodcock hunt takes place in the Crimea – a bird with a rare“ pictorial ”pen, which artists use to draw the thinnest lines and watchmakers.

– The movies “Treasure Island” and “Farewell of Slav”, were filmed in Malorechenskoye, and in the vicinity of Demerdzhi (in the photo) the legendary “Caucasian Captive”.

– The longest title among the nobles who owned lands in the Crimea, obviously, was Prince Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin-Tavrichesky. His full title is as follows: His Serene Prince Potemkin-Tavrichesky, President of the State Military Collegium, Field Marshal-General, Great Getman of the Cossack, Yekaterinoslav and Black Sea Forces, Commander-in-Chief of the Yekaterinoslav Army, the regular cavalry of the regular unit, the Black Sea Fleet and other marines, and the Navy and other maritime units, the Navy, the Black Sea Fleet, and other marines Senator, Yekaterinoslav, Tavrichesky and Kharkov Governor-General; Her Imperial Majesty’s troops Inspector-General, Adjutant-General, Actual Chamberlain, Life Guards Transformation

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