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15 amazing artificial islands of the world

In the islands there is something mystical, because nature has created these parts of the land among the vast blue here. So it was from time immemorial. But today, thanks to the development of technology, man has learned to create man-made islands and successfully does this all over the world. In this review, “a dozen” of the most amazing and magnificent artificial islands from around the world.

1. Tilafushi

Tilafushi is an artificial island in the Maldives, west of Male. It was originally built on recovered coral reefs in 1992 as a dump for more than 300 tons of garbage. It is reported that the growth of this artificial island of about 0.92 square meters per day eventually attracted businessmen who rented the island for industrial purposes.

2. Balboa

Balboa Island in Newport Bay in California is a chain of three modified or artificial islands, which includes the islands of Balboa, Little Balboa and Collins. There is a bridge that connects the community of the islands of Balboa to the mainland, and there are also ferry boats here. About 3,000 people live in an area of ​​0.52 square kilometers.

3. Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is a world-famous theme park in Japan, located on an artificial island in Urayasu, Chiba. Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the main tourist spots in the country, and it was the first Disney park built outside the United States. In 2008, he celebrated his 25th birthday.

4. Willingdon

Willingdon in India is the largest artificial island in the country. It is part of the city of Kochi in the state of Kerala. Most of the island was built by dumping the coastal area around the natural island that existed previously. Today there are a port, a naval base, several hotels and business centers.

5. Venetian

The Venetian Islands project in Biscayne Bay is a chain of artificial islands connected by bridges between Miami and Miami Beach in Florida. This chain includes Biscayne, San Marco, San Marino, Di Lido, Rivo Aldo, Belle Ile, and Flagler Island, a desert island used for picnics. It was built in 1920.

6. Spiral

The spiral island in Mexico is a floating artificial island that was built by the British artist Richard “Reishi” Owl in 1998 from more than a quarter of a million plastic bottles. As a result, “Spiral Island” was destroyed by Hurricane Emily in 2005, but the artist rebuilt it again, making it even bigger and better.

7. Campers-Dame

In the lake Kamfers-Dam in the form of a giant letter “S” was built in 2006 in the north of Kimberley, South Africa. It is home to nearly 50,000 flamingos.

8. Pearl-Qatar
Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island of nearly 4 million square meters in Doha, Qatar. He became the first territory in Qatar, available for free possession of foreign citizens. Its population grew from 3,000 in 2011 to 12,000 in 2015. It is expected that the project will create entertainment facilities for residents and for tourists.

9. Uros

The Uros Islands in Peru are made of reed growing along the edges of Lake Titicaca by combining reed bundles into whole floating island platforms. On each of these artificial floating islands there are from 2 to 10 houses from reed, and on the largest island there is a watchtower.

10. Peberholm

Peberholm is an artificial island in the Danish part of the Öresund strait as the basis of the bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden. This small but picturesque island was built in such a way that it is a link between the bridge and the tunnel. A visit to Peberholm is allowed only to biologists.


The THUMS Islands in San Pedro Bay is a collection of artificial islands off the coast of Long Beach, California. They were built in 1965 to get to the Wilmington oil field. These are the only artificial “oil” islands in the USA with high structures that hide rigs, but at the same time planted with greenery.

12. Amwaj

The Amwaj Archipelago in Bahrain is a group of artificial islands in the Persian Gulf, which were poured into shallow water. It was an innovative project to provide 100% free property to foreigners in Bahrain. Recently, Amvaj became livable, since the islands were complete with full infrastructure, complete with commercial and residential buildings, hotels and a circular harbor.

13. Swan

Swan Island (? Le aux Cygnes) in France – a small artificial island on the river Seine in Paris. It was built in 1827 as a dam protecting the port of Grenelle. Three bridges and a footpath pass through it. One of the main features of this island is a copy of the “Statue of Liberty” 4 times smaller than the original.

14. The archipelago “Peace”

The world islands (archipelago “Peace”) in the Persian Gulf – an artificial archipelago made of small islands that resemble the continents .

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