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10 amazing places on Earth, about which almost no one knows

It seems that modern people have traveled all over the world and have visited its most distant corners. But the unique wonders of nature, as well as the architectural creations of our ancestors can no longer truly impress them. The following 15 little-known places, which are hard to believe, become all the more attractive.

1. Haskell Library and Opera House Building

The building of the public library and the Opera House is located on the border between Canada and the United States, which cuts across the cities of Derby-Line, Vermont, Stansted, Quebec. There are two separate entrances in the library, for Americans and Canadians, and in the middle of the hall there is a black line, which is actually the border. That is, all library visitors can enter Canada, and after taking a couple of steps to read books already in America.

2. Burning city

In 1962, the local authorities of the city of Centralia hired volunteer firefighters to destroy a garbage dump located in an abandoned pit of an open mine. The firemen, as usual, set the garbage heaps on fire, let them burn and extinguished. However, the fire did not go out until the end, began to smolder deep debris deposits and soon the fire spread to other coal mines through the hole in the mine.
After a short period of time, city residents began to complain of deteriorating health, and owners of underground gasoline tanks noted significant changes in temperature. In 1981, the child fell into a 45 meter earthen well, which suddenly formed under his feet. The boy was rescued, but the case drew attention to a local problem. In 1984 it was decided to relocate the inhabitants of Centralia to the neighboring cities. Of the 2 thousand people, by 2013, only 7 remained in the city, most of the buildings were demolished, and the underground fire still rages.

3. Tiny park

In our view, the park is a variety of trees, alleys and benches. However, in Portland there is a park that destroys all stereotypes. It is a circle of only 0.6 meters in length with a total area of ​​115 square centimeters. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this is the smallest park in the world, on its territory there is only one miniature tree and few flowers.
4. Chewing gum wall

Landmark, whose history began in 1993, when theater lovers toiled for boredom in the queue for tickets and glued to the wall chewing gum. Over the years, the wall has grown to 15 meters in length and 4.5 meters in width. Because of sugar, the wall began to collapse in 2015 and it was decided to clean it. But tourists and locals re-decorated the wall with colorful chewing gum.

5. Red clip in Kipling

Paperclip Cottage Café is the true success story of a single guy. In 2005, Kyle MacDonald lived in a rented apartment, hoping to move into his own house. From despair, the guy decided to play a children’s game, the essence of which was to exchange one thing for another more valuable. It all started with a red clip, which Kyle traded for a pen, a pen for a doorknob. The exchange took place in 14 stages, the last of which brought the house to MacDonald. The house was sold, and a cafe appeared in its building, named after the clip.

6. City Staufen im Breisgau

Nice European town, which today is just falling apart. Explicit destructive processes began in 2007. Due to drilling errors, the earth began to disperse right under your feet, cracks appeared in the walls of buildings. Experts do not know how to stop the split, so over time this German town may simply disappear.

7. Narrow street

Germany is the narrowest street in the world. It appeared in 1727. The width of the passage between the houses in the narrowest spot reaches 31 centimeters, and in the widest area is only 50. People with excess weight and claustrophobia are not recommended to pass through this attraction.

8. Nobody territory

Bir Tawil – 2060 square miles between Egypt and Sudan. The history of this area is quite banal, in 1902, Britain held a new border between, giving Bir-Tavil to Egypt, and the Halaib triangle to Sudan. However, after independence, Egypt demanded a return to the old borders, abandoning the rights to Bir-Tawil. The Sudanese authorities, in turn, did not want to take the alienated territory. Today Bir-Tavil is a desert area where the cattle of the Ababde tribe graze.

9. Giant chest of drawers

One of the attractions of High Point is an enlarged copy of a 19th-century wooden dresser with giant socks sticking out of a locker. This work of art tells tourists about two major branches of the city: the production of furniture and hosiery.

10. Sparsely populated village

Nebraska is home to the most sparsely populated village of Monovi. According to the census in 2000, only two people lived in it – a married couple, Rudi and Elsie Euler. In 2004, Rudy was gone. Elsie remains the only resident of Monovi. She is also the mayor of the city, which allowed her to issue herself a license for drinking.


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