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12 amazing places in Spain that few know about

Spain is a popular tourist country. Sunny, bright and colorful …. It would seem that we all know about it. But even those who have been there many times may not be aware of its most amazing places. Because all the fun is often hidden from the eyes of tourists. In the article we will open you a list of 12 such places in Spain.

Segovia and Salamanca, Castile-Leon
Segovia is a World Heritage Site. On the central square of the city is a huge aqueduct, built at the end of the first century AD. It consists of a complex of two-story arches with a height of 30 meters. Famous for Segovia and medieval architecture: palaces and cathedrals, monasteries and taverns.

If you buy a tour to Spain, you can see many places of global importance. So, to the west of Segovia is another UNESCO World Heritage Site – Salamanca. This city perfectly combines energy, intelligence and aesthetics. Every year in Salamanca is held the holiday Water Monday and the International Festival of Art.

Trujillo, Cáceres, Merida are cities in Extremadura that are worthy of attention. Trujillo is a collection of luxurious mansions, castles and towers that seemed frozen in the 16th century. Cáceres – a World Heritage Site since 1986, is considered one of the few surviving cities of the Middle Ages. And in the city of Merida there is a Roman theater. According to scientists, the theater has the same value as the Roman Colosseum.

Viveiro, Galicia
Here are the best Spanish beaches, surrounded by hills with eucalyptus and pine groves. The most famous beach is Covas. The ancient cathedrals, part of the fortress wall, the gate in honor of King Carlos V have been preserved in Viveiro. But the main attraction is the Bridge of Mercy, built in the XV – XVI century.

Alcala de Henares, Madrid
The center of Alcala de Henares is listed by UNESCO. Here is the church, built back in 1136 and the residence, where the archives of the Inquisition are now stored. Alcala is a true Spanish tradition. Every year there are national holidays. For example, April 23 begins a week in honor of Miguel de Cervantes. On August 24, a fair takes place, and festivities are held on the streets of the city. And the biggest holiday, the day of the baptism of Cervantes – October 9.

A Coruña, Galicia
This is a city on a small peninsula that goes far into the ocean. On it stands an ancient lighthouse called the Tower of Hercules. It was built in the second century AD. If you climb to the top of the Tower, overcome 234 steps, then you can admire the colorful views. La Coruna has many cathedrals and churches that are worth seeing. Along with them, it is worth visiting the castle of the XVI century, where the Archaeological Museum is located. No less interesting will be the Science Museum, the Museum of Humanity and the Aquarium.

Reus, Catalonia
Reus is one of the centers of Catalan modernism. It is the birthplace of the great Gaudi. In the city you can see the work of this architect. Even for this reason, it is worth visiting Reus. In addition, of great interest is the mansion Navas – a sample of European modernism. Particularly attractive are stained glass windows and mosaics, which are preserved here in their original form. In addition to city festivals, such as Sant Pere, the festival de l’Anada a l’Antiga, the festival of pyrotechnics, in every quarter there can be a holiday in Reus.

Soria, Castilla y Leon
Soria is the center of the Romanesque style, and its striking example is the church of Santa Maria la Mayor. The Numantia Museum is popular with tourists. Here are exhibits from ancient times to the time of the Celtiberians. Archaeological excavations were carried out on the territory of the city. After all, the Celtiberian tribes originally lived here. And in the north of Soria remained the ruins of their settlement. Therefore, in addition to the museum, you can visit this place.

Navarre has not yet received tourist ratings. But he is worth it. This region is guaranteed to surprise you with the sights: the cathedral, the fortifications of Artahona, the Olite castle and the unique bridge. Navarre is also famous for nature reserves. It offers opportunities for quiet fishing, hunting, hiking and even playing golf. Note that in the region there are healing springs, so along with the rest you also improve your health.

Andalusia is a unique Spanish city. Here, instead of traditional styles, Arabic culture is clearly manifested. See for yourself by visiting the Giralda minaret, the Golden Tower and the Monastery of Santa Maria. In addition, Andalusia is the “olive” center of Spain. Here are grown the best varieties of olives and produce high-quality products from them. This craft has long been rooted in Andalusia. Therefore, every year in the fall here is the festival of olives, dedicated to the end of the harvest season.

Ribadesella, Asturias
Few people know that the most beautiful beaches are located on the unspoilt northern coast of Spain.

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