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Top 5 unusual ideas for spring holidays

Spring brings with it the first warm rays of the sun, the sounds of dripping melt water and an irrepressible desire to go on an unusual journey. She opens a new bright chapter of our life and the vacation should be appropriate. We offer 5 creative ideas for an unforgettable spring vacation.

Egypt without pyramids
In France, there is the Eiffel Tower, and Egypt should definitely visit for the pyramids. We agree that such creations of human hands are worthy of attention, but not one! So imagine that there are no more of these unique structures in Egypt … What to do?

Travel to the Fayum Oasis (85 km from Cairo). Here you will see olive gardens, palm trees, cotton, figs, vineyards, sheep pastures and much more. After such landscapes, the language does not turn to call Egypt a desert. Also noteworthy is the Meridovo Lake, about which Ptolemy, Strabo and Herodotus wrote.

Many consider the camel’s back to be the highest point in the country, which is offered to climb during the tour. Balloon flight will fix the situation. The “air walk” at dawn will make the day unforgettable. It is interesting to look at the ruins of ancient temples from a height. Fly, for example, over the valley of Luxor.

Fans of Lara Croft will love the dark maze of “City of the Dead.” Numerous crypts belonging to different periods of history look mysterious and creepy. Go back a couple of centuries ago at the Khan el-Khalili Cairo bazaar. This is not a tourist souvenir shops – everything is here! The prices of the products you like will depend on the degree of your tan and perseverance.

A trip to Egypt in March will be a great way to get away from the cold weather and fill the lack of sun and heat. The water temperature is quite acceptable for swimming and diving, and the air is optimal for excursions. Discover a completely different Egypt!

Calm Spanish heartland
Spain pleases with clean beaches, gentle sea, vibrant nightlife, incendiary flamenco and dangerous corrida. Already in March, you can walk through the streets of Madrid or Barcelona in light clothing, visiting architectural monuments and visiting museums, enjoy the taste of gazpacho soup and sample local wines.

The life of spring Spain is eventful. In Barcelona, ​​on March 3, on the feast of Saint Medir, the participants of the magnificent parade scatter about 60 tons of candy on their way. And in Valencia from 15 to 19 March, the Las Fallas festival takes place. For the holiday are preparing a lot of sculptures made of wood, wax and papier-mâché, which are burned at the end. And there are carnivals, a beer festival and a noisy celebration of the day of Madrid. Sights and events are good. But there is another Spain.

Popularity is gaining rural tourism. You can live on the farm, in the “green” hotel, become a lodger of the castle, manor or monastery. Just a few hours away from the big cities, charming quiet places with mountain rivers, pine forests and clean air “hid”. In addition to food and accommodation, you will be offered to get acquainted with local traditions, go hiking, go fishing, ride a horse, make cheese or homemade sausage. For all of this, head to Castile-Leon, Asturias, Catalonia and Cantabria. These areas are leading in the field of rural tourism.

Freedom and drive of Sri Lanka
When thinking about Sri Lanka, I remember an advertisement for a chocolate bar that promises heavenly delight. Many represent the island as a solid beach with coconut trees, but it is not. We know where to go for the drive and absolute freedom.

You can catch a wave in Hikkaduwa. This is a great place for “primitive” surfing (without snake and sail). If you rent a car and drive south for about an hour along the ocean, you will see Weligama. The symbol of this resort town are fishermen. There are so many of them on the shore that from afar it seems as if the beach is stuck with chopsticks. Taste delicious seafood and go to Dondra. Be sure to visit the monastery inside the rock, and look at the huge statue of Buddha. There is also a beautiful lighthouse here, near which the soul fills with trepidation from the realization that only Antarctica is south of this point.

To see Blow Hall – the sea fountain, which with a force hits from a slot located in a rock, go to the village of Dikvel (30 minutes drive from Dondra). All this can be viewed in one day. And then even more: mountain rivers and rafting, full-flowing waterfalls, walks through the jungle and climb the mountain of Sri Pada. Of course, not to enjoy the beaches of the island is a real blasphemy. Combine relaxation and comfort with drive and adventure. This is real freedom. In March, Sri Lanka’s water and air temperatures are comfortable for swimming and walking.

Contrast Thailand
Thailand is not only fabulous beaches and gastronomic abundance. Unity with nature will give the island of Phi Phi, 90% of the territory of which is covered with forests. Here you can see trees that grow right out of the water and plants that have become covered with a salted crust, as well as get to know the locals who are crossing the mountains.

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