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Montenegro: an overview of the direction

Montenegro is a small and very picturesque region, welcoming travelers. Forests, mountains, lakes, ancient temples, castles and gorgeous beaches give a sense of fairy tales. Going to Montenegro, you can not be exclusively on site. You need to be an active, inquisitive and adventurous explorer. Today we will talk about the features of rest in this country and give some tips that will be useful during the holidays.

Every year Montenegro is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. We suspect that it is a huge number of attractions, beautiful places, mild climate, developed infrastructure and a variety of recreational opportunities. If you had an idea to spend your vacation in Montenegro, here are 5 reasons for its implementation:

Clear waters and 73 km of beautiful beaches
The Adriatic Sea is so clean that even at a depth of more than 50 m you can see the bottom. A great pleasure will be delivered by scuba diving, riding on a catamaran, a jet ski or a trip on a yacht. Azure waves are fascinating.

There are more than 100 sand and pebble beaches in the country, which are considered to be the best in the entire Adriatic. They say that on some of them sand is healing. Sunbathing in Ulcinj, for example, can cure bronchitis. The coastline of Montenegro consists of many bays, which are surrounded by forests.

Beautiful nature and rich excursion programs
In the evening, when the mist falls on the mountains, they seem black and it becomes clear why the country is called that way. Here you can see the canyon of the river Tara, which is the deepest in Europe, 4 national parks, green valleys, relict forests, cold springs and an olive tree, which is 2 thousand years old. And you can also go to Skadar Lake (the largest in the Balkans) to go fishing and visit a nearby winery.

If you go on a bus tour or rent a car, be sure to be surprised by the rapid change of landscapes outside the window: beaches, gorges, plains, mountain passes, forests, lakes, houses with gardens … And so on to infinity! From the height of the serpentines, wonderful panoramas of the cities and the unsurpassed Bay of Kotor open up.

Almost in every large settlement of Montenegro there is the Old Town. In Budva it looks like a labyrinth, in Herceg Novi it ​​is a stronghold of romance, and in Bar it looks like a medieval village. The must-see places include the Ostrog monastery carved into the rock, the Bay of Kotor, Dubrovnik, the Blue Cave, Lake Skadar and the island of St. Stephen. Conveniently, you can not focus on the program of excursions when choosing a place of rest, since it is almost the same everywhere.

The ability to easily find “your place”
Everyone will find in this country a resort to their liking. For example, Budva is a democratic town with a wide choice of family and youth hotels. Becici and Petrovac are similar to two respectable lords competing in luxury hotels and spa centers. Tivat with its port “Marina Montenegro” became the main parking for snow-white yachts. Lovers of true luxury will enjoy the lush green island of St. Stephen. You can stay in a hotel, apartment or villa. There will always be charming landscapes and good-natured people around.

Delicious, varied and healthy cuisine
In Montenegro, they know how to cook fresh shrimps, clams and lobsters very tasty. And be sure to try the baked fish, fish soup and grilled squids. In addition to seafood, special smoked pork “prshut”, homemade cheese and vegetable salad, as well as ripe olives with lemon or pepper will cause an appetite. Virtually all local food is damn tasty and quality. And they say that natural Montenegrin wine does not have a headache at all.

Friendly atmosphere and lack of language barrier
Montenegrins are very open and hospitable. In this country, you will be warmly welcomed, and you will feel “at ease”. Local residents, as a rule, communicate perfectly in Russian or English and it is easy to find a common language with them.

And also pleased that for entering the country does not need a visa. Next, let’s talk about when and where exactly you need to go to Montenegro to swim, sunbathe and relax comfortably.

Best time to stay in Montenegro
The main part of the country has a temperate continental climate, on the coast – Mediterranean, and in the mountains – alpine. The tourist season lasts all year round: from November to May, guests take ski resorts, and in the summer beach holidays are popular.

The sea becomes warm at the end of April and cools down in October. The air temperature in May reaches + 21 ° C, and water + 18 ° C. By the end of June, the sea is warming to + 25 ° C. The average temperature in the summer days is + 27 ° C + 30 ° C. In the first autumn months, the sea is still quite warm (+ 23 ° C + 20 ° C), and the weather becomes more velvet. The most successful for the trip is the period from May to September.

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