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Top 5 favorite celebrity vacation spots

Stars are accustomed to relax brightly and comfortably, but often – secretly from prying eyes. Well-known people, although they can travel the whole world, still prefer their favorite resorts, where they gladly return every year, and sometimes they even buy houses there. Today we will “disturb” their peace and tell you about the top 5 places where famous and creative people like to spend their holidays.

1. Dear and luxurious Marbella (Spain)
Marbella is the jewel in the necklace of the Costa del Sol, a region in sunny Spain. Located in Andalucia, it is notable not only for the majestic Sierra Blanc mountain, but also for the exclusive European port for private yachts. In summer and in winter – the weather is always pleasant here because of the mountain wall, which protects from cold winds and gives shelter in the exhausting heat. Although the resort is considered young, 20 kilometers of sandy beaches have already been equipped here. Among them – San Pedro de Alcantara, awarded the Blue Flag.

Opportunities Marbella attract lovers of luxurious life. Among them – Antonio Banderas, who could not resist the local beauty and bought a chic mansion. The actor called La Gaviota for his 4 hectares nest. It has everything for noisy parties and a quiet family holiday: 6 bedrooms, a huge pool and access to a private beach.

2. Scenic Rocky Positano (Italy)
Little Positano in the Italian region of Campania was once a fishing village. Although the infrastructure has greatly changed since then, the colorful houses of fishermen still huddle on the rocky shore, and the narrow streets are rapidly climbing up the rocks of the Lattari Mountains.

Residents, which in Positano only 3950, lead a measured lifestyle. They take care of orange plantations and olive groves, enjoy the sun all year round and welcome guests. It is very quiet here, since the entry of cars into the territory of the town is prohibited.

Turquoise sea, mountain slopes, from which you can watch a stunning sunset and the tranquility of these places could not be ignored by famous personalities. Sophia Loren decided not to part with the magical landscapes and bought a villa here. And earlier, in the heyday of his work, to the shores of Positno liked to visit Pablo Picasso.

Tours to picturesque Italy

3. Bright and energetic St. Tropez (France)
The Cote d’Azur of France is one of the favorite resting places of the high-society beau monde. Port St. Tropez can be explored on foot for a day, enjoying the fresh air in pine groves and walking on the hot sand on the beach. In the narrow streets of the Provencal town, you can find traditionally French cafes, cozy shops with herbs and spices, and walking along the embankment, you are sure to find pompous restaurants serving the best mesclan salad in the world.

Every year the famous sailing regatta takes place here, where ships of different classes gather. Yachts from different countries with a length of 9 meters simultaneously depart from the shores, which symbolizes the beginning of the sea holiday.

Having starred in the film “And God Created a Woman,” Bridget Bordeaux could not say goodbye to the seaside region and became a frequent guest of Saint-Tropez. The famous couturier Giorgio Armani spends time here, as well as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham enjoy a family holiday.

4. The poorly populated Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
In a small Mexican village there are few hotels, expensive restaurants and no clubs. This quiet place for a carefree holiday 60 years ago was chosen by Hollywood representatives – Lucille Desire Ball, John Wayne, Crosby Bing, and it still holds its position. Modern star visitors include: Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jude Law.

Cabo San Lucas attracts with its peace and crystal clear water, in which you can see exotic fish. Waves near the town were chosen by whales and frolicking dolphins.
Because of the small size of the bay, cruise liners rarely drop in here – to the delight of the inhabitants and sea creatures. It seems that everything around promotes rest and is ready to give inspiration, which, in due time, Hemingway himself took advantage of, visiting these fabulous shores.

5. Brilliant Mokonos (Greece)
Mokonos is called the modern Olympus. Golden beaches, luxury celebrity houses and mansions with a price of 15 thousand euros per week of residence is proof of that. The locals know another name for Mokonos – the island of windmills.

Magnificent landscapes, which are only in Greece, white houses, contrastingly tinted with colored shutters and blue sea and many mills, ready to fly just like a flock of butterflies – is it not a divine place?

Here, the family of the socialite Kardashian took a fancy to themselves. Acting Demi Moore, rock musician Mick Jagger and cult personality of the Italian fashion world – Roberto Cavalli are considered to be frequent visitors to the island’s mills.

If you plan to go to the resorts from our list, do not forget to take a camera for a walk. Who knows, maybe you are the one who is lucky enough to meet someone.

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