Favorite beach world movie bohemia
North of France, Normandy. Here, in Deauville, on the banks of the Channel, one of the most famous beaches in the world is located - an amazing place, which even…

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15 amazing artificial islands of the world
In the islands there is something mystical, because nature has created these parts of the land among the vast blue here. So it was from time immemorial. But today, thanks…

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Top 5 cities that prove the future is here

There are cities in the world that seem to have disappeared from the pages of fantastic books. Space skyscrapers, amazing technologies, a dynamic rhythm of life make you think that the world is rapidly advancing. Very soon, supertechnological buildings and smart robots will not surprise anyone, and you can go on space travel right from home by ordering a flying taxi.

We offer you a selection of the top 5 impressive cities in the world, where they know a lot about technology. Their great minds are already one step closer to innovation, but do not forget to protect the natural heritage and transfer knowledge to the younger generation. Who knows, maybe your next trip will take place in the direction of these impressive corners of the world.

1. Luxury in every detail: Dubai (UAE)
The popular Arab Emirate plays the role of the main technology center of the Middle East. When planning a trip to Dubai, tourists know that innovation is not something amazing, but the city’s lifestyle. Here everything surprises – unmanned subway trains, palm trees on solar batteries, football grounds on the upper floors of skyscrapers and, of course, the majestic Burj Khalifa, which has become the hallmark of the emirate. Today the tower is recognized as the tallest building in the world – its length is 828 meters.

Hotels, shopping and entertainment malls, office centers and buildings of top companies such as Etisalat, Oracle, IBM – each building is distinguished by individualism. By the way, in Dubai they are already building houses using a 3D printer. The office of the Future, which is located in the city center, was “printed” at the initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation and is ready for use.

2. Higher, faster, more convenient: Taipei (Taiwan)
One of the most populous megacities in the world is growing every year, but not expanding its borders, but upwards. Taipei is a relatively young city, where there are few ancient architectural monuments, but many ultramodern high-rises. The status of the symbol of the city and the tallest building of Taipei belongs to the Taipei 101 skyscraper. It stretches to the sky for 509 meters and represents 101 floors with offices, restaurants, shops, spas and clubs. The tower was built in 2003 and at that time was considered the tallest structure in the world. The vehicle on the skyscraper of aluminum, glass and steel are high-speed elevators. They accelerate to 60 km / h, breaking the height from the fifth floor to the observation deck on the 84th in 39 seconds.

3. Center for Innovation and Business: Republic of Singapore

Singapore is a city-state that occupies the leading place among the developed megacities of Asia. A great contribution to the evolution of the city was made by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Being a declining area a few decades ago, thanks to the initiatives of Lee Kuan Yew and active financing, Singapore has become the most comfortable place on earth for doing business. Now the state in every possible way stops corruption. Revenues of the city and the standard of living of the population allow to call it one of the richest in the world.

Along with architectural achievements – starting from Expo metro station in space style, Sportshub stadium, which hit the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s largest dome, and ending with the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel – Singapore authorities are developing eco-projects. Among them are groves with butterflies, residential quarters on alternative energy, Park Gardens by the Bay with solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system.

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4. In knowledge – power: Sydney (Australia)
One of the largest cities in Australia is not only impressive in its innovative architecture. The authorities of Sydney are not afraid to bet on the development of science and technology, as well as to motivate the younger generation to create their own future. Sydney ranks fifth in the world in the availability of online education, where you can freely take training courses right on the Internet. The Australian city is also known for biotech production, which accounts for 11% of the city’s total industry.

5. City of Winds and Ambitions: Chicago (USA)
The United States government allocated $ 3.1 million to develop the Array of Things program. The plan is aimed at a “smart leap” in the near future Chicago. Array of Things is a network of sensors that collect data on air quality, noise, and weather conditions. The program will help solve environmental problems, traffic congestion and noise, and prevent the impact of natural disasters.

Technologies in Chicago are also used to fight crime. Not so long ago, local authorities spent $ 1 on sensors that are installed in hazardous areas of the city. Sensors respond to shooting and notify the police about the fights through a special application.

It is assumed that by the end of 2017 the city will reach the level of the world’s leading intellectual centers on the use of “smart” technologies.

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