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4 nature monuments of the Samara region

If you do not have time to escape from Samara or nearby regions for two weeks somewhere far away, where the wind and the feather grass are singing, it’s time to think about your own entertainment plans. Perhaps not everything is lost, and it makes sense to get out of the house to nature not so far, but no less epic. Perhaps – even within the Samara region. To make your choice simpler, we offer you 10 places today, which may well be visited during the May holidays. 10 places, each of which can be called (and called) a natural monument. Well, almost everyone.
of nature

1. Syzran HPP
10 nature monuments of the Samara region
We begin our review with the only attraction that is not at all a monument of nature, but despite this, we did not dare to throw it out of our top. For there is no better way to show the power of nature than to demonstrate how it was curbed. Moreover, if this is the only hydraulic structure of the epoch of “electrification of the whole country”, it is still operating successfully. When in 1920 Moscow approved the electrification plan for the country, the Syzran Hydroelectric Station was not in these plans. They say that the intervention of local walkers, who came to his countryman and GOELRO boss Gleb Krzhizhanovsky and asked him to take care of Syzran, helped. Gleb imbued with the requests of the workers and entered the Syzran dam into the documents as a separate line.

From 1929 to 1947, the Syzran Hydroelectric Power Station supplied the entire area with electricity (primarily, the factories that were being evacuated). After the introduction of its own thermal power station into operation, the importance of the dam decreased markedly. And it suffered particularly seriously in 1969 after the pressure of the river in the Saratov reservoir dropped by more than a third.

For the past thirty years, they have been trying to stop using hydroelectric power plants as a source of electricity, transferring it to the local heavy machinery, but despite this, it continues to function safely. Including as a monument of history and architecture, an attraction for tourists, as well as a place of refuge for birds during the autumn flight season.

2. Shiryaevo


The most popular route is for those who are used to spending their weekends somewhere far away from Zagorodny Park and the city embankment. The special charm of this route is that you do not need to look for a friend “on wheels” or dig into road maps.
Every day at 7:40 you come to the River Station, get on the boat and two and a half hours later you leave on the pier in Shiryaevo. And here you immediately find yourself in the heart of all local attractions. Mountains (Monastyrskaya, Camel, Popova Gora), adits, Stone Bowl (natural monument with source and chapel), Wine key (spring with calcium water and eerie reputation), Peasant Compound, House Museum of Repin, House Museum of Shiryaevts, Vdovin’s Manor .

3. Ash. Mount Strelna

If you decide to travel along the M5 in the direction of Shiryaevo and Tolyatti (or further along the Volga), then it is reasonable to devote a couple of hours (or even a whole day) to the visit to the village of Zolnoe and its surroundings. The village is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Samara Luka (about forty kilometers along the road east from Zhigulevsk).

They founded Zolnoye in the 1950s, when they discovered an oil field in the mountains, but at the moment the development has long been abandoned, and the territory has undergone massive cottage buildings. The village is beautiful, interesting, many different wonders of the Soviet era, but a visit to its streets is not the final point, but just the start of a big and interesting journey.

The main attraction of these places is a visit to Strelnaya Mountain, which is located on the territory of the Zhiguli Natural Biosphere Reserve named after Sprygin. In former times, this mountain (351 meters, which by Zhiguli standards is not a joke) was an observation point for the robber patrol of the Volga freemen, but now they have organized an ecological trail for tourists.
First, you enter the territory of the reserve, paying 500 rubles from the car at the checkpoint. Then leave the car in the parking lot and set off on foot along the trail. First, on the asphalt, then – on the flooring, after that – on the metal steps.

But if you decide to storm this quest in full, then you should start it in the village of Bakhilova Polyana with a visit to the museum of the Zhiguli Reserve in the building of the central manor (there are even magnets). The total duration of the entire route through the reserve is approximately 15 kilometers. Attention! Visiting is allowed only on buses and cars, walkers and cyclists are hampered and brutally fined.

4. Molodetsky mound

After the village of Shafts turn right, after six kilometers – a fork. If you drive to the left – the village of Zhiguli, if to the right – after six kilometers there will be Molodetsky Kurgan. The highest (242 m) point on the western tip of the Zhiguli Mountains is at the confluence of the Mustache and the Volga, directly opposite Tolyatti. With an epic view of the Zhiguli Sea and the mountain Flapjack. The entrance to the territory is fifty dollars per person. Then forty minutes up the hill, and you’re on the spot.


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